Being Normal

We spend so much of our lives trying to figure out who we are and what we want WHILE making everyone else happy. What we don’t understand early on is that it’s impossible to make everyone in the world happy. With every decision you make, there will be people that are elated and then there will be people that are “disappointed” or shame you. Those people that do not approve of your decision aren’t the ones that have to live with you every day. They don’t wake up in your body and know what it’s like to be you. They don’t go to sleep in your body feeling the emptiness or incompleteness that you feel because you’re making choices based on others opinions. Make choices for yourself. Do things that work for you and do them YOUR WAY. Don’t let anyone tell you that their way is the only way to do something. People often love to talk down to you when you try to show them that there is in fact another way besides the way they’ve done it all their life. As long as you’re happy in the end, who cares if what you needed to get there was different than what your neighbor needed? The truth is it doesn’t really matter at all. Society created “normal” and people go crazy when someone steps outside that “normal” because it makes them uncomfortable. Maybe it makes them uncomfortable because they wish they too could stop living their lives for others. Maybe it makes them uncomfortable because being freely theirselves isn’t a concept they can fully grasp yet. It doesn’t make you uncomfortable though, as a matter fact it has the complete opposite effect. Stepping out of that “normal” zone makes you feel like you can finally breathe and be yourself so just do it! There is no one word to describe a billion people. We spend so much time trying to fit in that we don’t realize that if everyone just stopped judging others and spent all that time embracing their differences then we would all be happier.

4 thoughts on “Being Normal

  1. ❤💙💚💛💜 Normal is outdated! Love you! This is amazing! If more people understood this concept it would certainly be a better world!


  2. Good post. It’s hard for some people to be themselves. I wrote a post recently about ways to practing being yourself. It’s so easy to lose ourselves. We get too busy and caught with the things that don’t matter.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Judy @sensibledove


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