Stay Afloat

I sat there ready to let it all go. Ready to give up and give in.

At some point, the fighting gets old. You use so much strength trying to keep your head above water. You keep trying to touch the ground, trying to stand on your own two feet.

You get tired of using all your energy to reach for someones’ hand, only to feel your fingertips slip away from theirs.

How much easier it is to sink. To stop fighting.

Your body sinks lower and lower. You can finally feel the ground.

You lay there with your eyes closed, and your mind at peace, ready to just let go.

Water fills your lungs, you can’t breathe. Being at the bottom is no longer peaceful, or easier.

Struggling to stay afloat was easier than trying to breathe at the bottom.

Sometimes you have to feel the ground below you, to remember why you were fighting to stay on top.

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